Terms and conditions

All new bookings require a deposit, amount will depend on the service required. Deposit is non refundable if less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel.

Early arrivals - As I only work on a one to one basis I may not be able to see to your pet of you arrive early. To avoid distraction of the pet present for grooming you may be asked to return at your appointment time

Late arrivals - If you are more than 15 minutes late you may need to be rescheduled  and a £20 deposit will be required to secure your appointment.

No shows - Repeat no shows will be asked for a £20 deposit to secure appointments this is due to the loss of income I endure from missing appointments.

Fleas - Presence of fleas will result in a £10 charge to cover costs of deep cleaning the salon. Please make sure your pet is up to date with treatment before booking.

Matting - I will not dematt a pet for longer than 15 minutes as it is against the animal welfare act. Any severe matting will need to be clipped off as this is the kindest solution for the pet. Matting will result in an extra charge to cover the repairs of equipment which will be discussed on consultation.

Toileting - Please do not feed your pet before their groom and make sure they have gone to the toilet.

Aggressive/naughty Pets - As I work one to one any pet I feel would harm themselves or me throughout the groom will be refused. I will advise you on a solution for grooming whether it be sedation, home groomer or seek help from a behaviourist. Please inform me if your pet has any behaviour issues not disclosing certain information could result in a groomer being seriously injured.

 Pregnant bitches and bitches in season will not be accepted for grooming.