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Whats the price of a dog groom? Why does it cost so much?

A question we get asked alot as groomers is how much does dog/cat grooming cost? This can be somewhat frustrating for groomers as although we have guide prices for breeds, dogs/cats come in various sizes of the same breed, some dogs/cats are more difficult to do, some dogs/cats are groomed regularly and some not plus with the boom in new designer breeds we have no idea what your breed will look like. Some all we can give is a rough quote until we see your dog and you are always more than welcome to bring your dog/cat in for a free consultation.

In the price of a pet groom you are not just paying for a groomers wages you are paying towards-


•Products like scissoring spray, fast dry spray, ear cleaner, cotton balls and pawfume




• Towels and laundry

•Equipment maintenance and sharpening




•Business, buildings and liability insurance

ongoing training


•Cleaning supplies

•Bow ties and bandanas


These are just some of these things groomers have to pay for.

We charge extra for matting pets and flea ridden pets as it affects our equipment and we have to stay behind to disinfect/flea bomb after fleas to keep the rest of our customers safe.

You will find some groomers cheaper or dearer than others this is simply due to the cost of their over heads and level of experience and after paying all those overheads we still need to make a decent wage like everyone else.

If you'd like a quote feel free to message me or pop down to the salon and I'd be happy to help but remember you are not just paying for your pets haircut 🐶🐱

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