Covid 19 protocol 

 WOOF & MEOW PET SPA COVID 19 PROTOCOL•Only one person on the premises at any one time, if you see someone outside please wait outside until they have left the premises. Please no children.•Maintain social distancing at all times. •When you come into the salon you will see a large and small crate. If you have a dog please remove their collar, lead and place them into the large crate. Make sure you lock the crate behind you. Cats will be removed from their carrier and placed into the small crate. I will be behind the counter at all times. You will take you collar and lead with you.•When you have left, I will lock the door and remove your pet from their crate and start their groom right away. •Hand sanitiser is available for use in reception if you need it.•All crates, door handles, equipment etc will all e deep cleaned and disinfected after every pet.•Due to the guidance set out by the CFSG only one pet from one household can be groomed at any one time. Multiple pets will need to be seen on separate appointments/days.•Unfortunately, owners cannot wait in the salon, all customer seating has been removed. Pets who need their owners help during the groom will need to find alternative solution until social distancing ceases.•I will be wearing full PPE for pets before the bath - gloves, mask, face shield and apron. All reusable so none has been taken away from the national health service. This is because there is a risk Covid 19 can be present on pets’ fur if they have come in contact with anyone infected. People can be infected with no symptoms so we must treat every customer and pet as if they have covid 19. Please do not be offended this is so we can do our part to slow the spread of the disease.•Always wash your hands after stroking your pet and do not let people who are not members of your household stroke your pet.•Please arrive on time for your appointment due to the amount of disinfecting I cannot accommodate early or late arrivals. If you are late for your appointment you may be rescheduled or incur a late fee of £5 per half an hour you are late. I will give you a time to pick up.•Please be patient. My grooming appointments may be longer than they have in the past due to the cleaning as must do whilst and after your pet is in the salon. •I will be no longer offering walk in appointments. •As an extra precaution I would recommend re washing your dog when you arrive home or spritzing your dog with leucillian (available online or from pets at home). I would recommend also washing your pets’ collar and lead regularly.•Please understand the risks for both me and you the customer in bringing your pet for grooming and only use the services if your pet desperately needs it and it would be detrimental to their health and welfare.•Please do not travel unnecessary. Groomers can currently either collect or you can use your daily exercise if they are within walking distance. If you are walking to the salon another member of your household will need to collect. I am unable to offer a pick and drop off service at this time.•I can accept cash, but no change will be given please ensure you have the right amount. I also except card, contactless, PayPal and bank transfers. I can also send text invoices so you can prepay before appointment. Please let me know which payment method you would prefer. The card machine has been mounted on the counter for customer use. To maintain social distancing.•If you are feeling unwell or someone from your household is unwell you will not be able to bring your pet for grooming. Please reschedule for when you are better.•Most importantly stay safe!